~ Thank You ~

To our Creator for all of life’s gifts and the opportunity to be one
of his messengers through the universal language of music…


Since we are at every moment connected to everything that exists,
I thank all of nature's wonders, all of humanity, and all the artists of the world,
whether known or unknown, whose life force through their individual expressions,
continually spark new inspiration in us all.

by Kathryn Toyama
(interview by Justin St. Vincent at Music & Spirituality )


I wish to acknowledge and express my love and gratitude to Laura Bushnell
for her encouragements and inspiration to share my music.

I also thank all the incredibly creative people in my life – past, present and future –
especially the following gifted artists who continue to inspire me:

* Listed in Alphabetical Order *

Vasco Duarte Abranches
Composer / Guitarist

Will Ackerman
Guitarist / Producer / Owner of Imaginary Road Studios

Paul Adams
Guitarist / Flutist / Composer / Poet / Musical Instrument Builder

Omar Akram
Recording Artist / Pianist / Composer

Cooper Alan
Videographer / Photographer / Music Producer

Richard Alan
Songwriter / Singer / Guitarist

Livio Amato
Composer / Pianist / Video Producer

Diane Arkenstone
Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist / Vocalist

Wendy Bartlett
Director of Healing With Harmony / Writer / Creative Design

Joe Bongiorno
Pianist / Audio Engineer / Mobil DJ

Heidi Anne Breyer
Composer / Pianist / Vocalist

Beth Bruno
Vocalist / Recording Artist

James Cahall
Pianist / Composer

Alejandro Clavijo
Pianist / Composer / Founder & Editor of ReviewsNewAge.com

David Clavijo
Guitarist / Composer

Mario F. Cobos
Pianist / Composer / Founder of EssencePianoRadio

Steven Cravis
Pianist / Soundtrack Composer

Simon Daum
Pianist / Soundtrack Composer

Maricet Delaney
Author / Poet

Michael Diamond
Music Editor / Music Producer / Recording Artist

Stefan Dickerson
Film Composer / Pianist / Producer

Suzanne Doucet
Composer / Producer / Recording Artist / Founder of
New Age Music, New Age Universe and New Age Music Circle

Judy Esther
Pianist / Composer

Lynn Yew Evers
Pianist / Performing Artist / Composer

Gary Farr
Pianist / Composer / Producer / Curator & Programmer at RadioTunes

Elizabeth Geyer
Songwriter / Singer / Flugelhornist / Pianist

Eric Harry
Composer / Pianist / Founder & Owner of Calm Radio

Sayama Richard Hiebinger
Healing Music Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist

Pete Hillman
Composer / Photographer / Video Producer

David Hoffman
Composer / Arranger / Flugelhornist / Music Professor

Martin Horn
Musician / Composer / Graphic Design Artist

Kate Jaconello
Soundtrack Composer / Pianist

Deb Jelinek

Donovan Johnson
Pianist / Composer / Founder & Owner of Enlightened Piano

Craig Karolus
Composer / Musician

Peter Kater
Pianist / Composer / Producer

Frances Rae Key
Songwriter / Singer / Choral Director
and the International Peace Performers

Truus Kok-Dorsman
Video Producer

Larry Kutcher
Pianist / Composer / Studio Musician

Chad Lawson
Composer / Pianist

Nuno Lupi
Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist

Matthew Mayer
Pianist / Composer / Founder & Owner of SoloPiano.com

Angelo McCabe
Artist for Hope for Harmony CD cover art

Eric McCarl
Composer / Pianist / Producer / Owner of Weaving Libra Records Label

Kai Miano
Pianist / Composer

Colin Mitchell
Pianist / Composer / Piano & Keyboard Teacher

Tima Montemayor
Singer / Songwriter

Sonaljit Mukherjee
Keyboardist / Composer / Arranger / Singer

John B. Mueller
Wedding, Landscape & Portrait Photographer

David Nevue
Pianist / Composer / Founder of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio

Kathy Parsons
Music Reviewer / Piano Teacher

Jeff Pearce
Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist

Peter Roberts  / "The Flow of Life"
Author / Poet

José Miguel Sánchez
Conductor / Composer & Pianist

Lee Samuel
Composer / Director / Pianist

Renaud Schmitt (Rensmusic)
Film Composer

Andrea Schwantes
Video Producer

Amy Shiotani
Publicity, Fashion & Wedding Photographer / Digital Design
Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor

Paul Speer
Guitarist / Composer / Record Producer

Chris Spheeris
Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist / Singer Songwriter
Facilitator of Creativity/Inspiration Seminars

Fabrice Tonnellier
Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist

Justin St. Vincent
Director and Founder of Xtreme Music
Managing Editor and Pioneer of www.musicandspirituality.com

Vincent Toyama
Animation Background Specialist

Donna Uchizono
Choreographer / Artistic Director & Founder of Donna Uchizono Dance Company

Jace Vek
Composer / Concert Pianist / Recording Artist

Kathleen Wallace King
Novelist & Screenwriter
Books sold on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble

Lyndsey Warren
Artist / Illustrator / Art Instructor


“May we continue to hold high a vision of peace
despite evidence to the contrary, for vision
is the first step that leads to manifestation.”

~ Frances Rae Key


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